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We've just recently added new updates. Go check'em out in the News section. Do you have any friends you would like to ask to join this site? Carry on, I would be more than delighted to have your friends here.

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Post by beautyzaza Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:00 pm

Hello dear members!!I have noticed some members are confused about making topics and why are their topics locked/deleted/moved.Well,just view this topic every time you get confused about that :D Here is the info you need :
What forum to create the topic in:
Bloom4ever:Love,friendship,live stories..etc..Can be posted here Wink
Flora's Tales:Diaries,created stories of yours,poems..Can be discussed here Wink
Game Arena:Create contests,riddles,jokes,& games here :)
Welcome:Introduce yourself and meat other members!
Guest Book:A place for all the guests to post topics and have fun!
Wish List:You can make all your shops there!
Admins Wish List:Just Like Wish List But only Admins can sell things over there,members can order things,of course,but can't sell,can't even help an admin with her/his shop Wink
CHATTA:You can chat with friends over there!
Your First Forum:It's for new members to post topics about anything except for introducing themselves :D
Winx Video Mania:Watch Videos of TV SERIES RIGHT HERE!!
Winx Movie Centre:Come watch the latest movies here!
Winx Radio Centre:Come listen to all kinds of music right here!
Club Area:Create a fan club about your favorite movie band,singer,actor,or just be creative and create a club from you imagination!
Celebration Area:Come celebrate any occasion here !
Amazing Screen Shots:Here you can put some screen shots taken from winx club!
(Under construction for the time)
Winx Club Articles & Information:Anything suspicious about winx series?Any questions you have to ask about the episodes or films??Any idea for the movie?Any information you'd like to share?Expose it here!
Graphics:Expose your Graphics and skills,you may have chance to be chosen to be a "OFFICIAL GRAPHIC MODERATOR"
Winx News:Here,mini-mods and administrators create topics for their latest news of winx,and of the forum!
Winx Ideas:Expose your ideas for the forum.No promises it may be done,but a promise that it will be furthured discussed by the STAFF!
Magix Tips:Come here to read the tips about all kinds of things!
Promote your forum:Here you can put the link of your forum and have more friends!!You can also discuss the ideas put by the members there!!
Rules & Regulations:All rules are put here..A MUST VIEW FOR ALLthe members before they post topics!!
Group's Discussion Area:A place for the staff to discuss things about the forum. Wink
ONLY STAFF CAN VIEW!.It's hidden for normal members.
Agony Aunt:You need any advice??And why be so borng?NOT ONLY AFVICES FOR THE FORUM,ADVICES FOR REAL LIFE TOO??COME HERE!!
Forum FAQ:Here,You can post information about any FAQ on the forum!
Alfea:A place to teach and learn,open your class and let students join!
The Winx Club Cafe:Fancy a chat? Come and join us in the cafe.... absolutly anything and everything goes here, chat about anything you want to, there is always plenty going on in here...and feel free to add new topics!
The Winx Club Dining:Have your breakfast, lunch, dinner or maybe even supper here!! Get your own private Dining room!
Enchanted Art Gallery:Show off your Graphics and Fan Art!
My Blog:This is your personal space for your online journal! Anyone can post here!
Forum Reviews:Forum reviews and analyses available here. Post your forums here to have them reviewed!

What topics will be Locked!
1.Topics with religious content.
2.Topics with sexual content.
3.Double topics.You are not allowed to create any topic that exists.NO EXCPEPTION.
4.Hate topics.Like:Everybody hates me or "Why doesn't anybody like me".Or "I hate him n i hate her".Even clubs,contests,chat topics about that..etc..
5.Leave topics.Like "I'm leaving" "He's leaving"blah blah blah..These topics are not allowed anymore!There is such a cloud of sadness around here because of that!
6.Topics for asking for emails or personal info!Like "Whats your real name?" "What's your email?" "What's your city?" etc..
7.Topics for insulting people like "She is ugly,I hate her" "I hate you" "Don't you just think this person is mean and stupid?" etc..
8.Fight topics ex. "Why didn't you come to my FORUM TODAY??I WISH I CAN KILL YOU!"
These topics can lead to fights so they are no longer allowed :D
9.Spam topics ex. "nbfbjebgfjkwb jk" or "bla bla bla" Or "Lets Spam here".
10.If a person created a club and he/she was gone for 3 months,the club will be officially closed!

What topics will be deleted!
Well..Only if a member asks us to delete his/her topic we will..Other than that,topics against the rules will be locked Wink

If you created a chat topic in Game Arena for example,this topic will be moved to CHATTA Wink

I hope you get use of these info and i hope you follow them Wink
For any questions---->>Contact an administrator/mini-mod/mod..etc.. who would be very glad to help!You can ask the questions here!
Thank you so much for listening ,
WINX CLUB! Staff Wink[quote]


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