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WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

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WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

Post by IsabelLim105 on Wed May 19, 2010 4:16 pm


Your privileges as a member (as opposed to a guest) are these: you are able to post new reviews, stories, and threads, reply to current threads, give ideas, and generally be part of the community. Please note that as a member you cannot delete your threads, only edit them. If you'd like a thread deleted, private message the Moderator of that forum, a Board Moderator, Winx Staff or an Administrator. If you would like to delete a story or review, private message an Administrator and they will do it.

Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the Author of the message, not necessarily the views of this site. Any member who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by e-mail and/or private message. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this site to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this site.


Board Moderators/Mini-moderators (Mini-moderators and Board Moderators are the same) are the first Staff position you can get, and they are given power by editing/deleting/moving what is not neccessary or appropriate in the forum that they are assigned to. They carry none of the aforementioned power outside of the forums they are given. Moderators can delete, and can tell the Administrators of a ban.

Global Moderators are the second highest ranking Staff member, and generally the same as Moderators, except their editing/closing/moving powers are on a global basis, which means they have power in all forums, not just the ones they are assigned to.

Administrators are the highest ranking Staff member, and oversee all forum happenings. They can edit, delete, close, and move anything anywhere in the forum. They also have Administrator control panel access, where they can IP ban, edit signatures, delete accounts, and generally change anything technical in the forum.

If you'd like to be a Moderator, Board Moderator, Winx Staff, Graphics Moderator, the first rule is DON'T ASK.
When a Staff member sees someone who has contributed a lot to a specific forum or forums, we will hold a poll in the Staff lounge to get the forum team's opinion. If it's a yes, we will PM you and offer a job. If it's a no, we will PM you and inform you you came close to becoming a Moderator, but were lacking in one area, but encourage you to keep up the good work and possibly step it up a bit. If you ask to be a Moderator, your chances of becoming one are incredibly lessened. Also, if you only have about 10 posts, please don't bother asking because it's not enough for us to evaluate you on.

The old agreement was not in this basis, but we've changed it. All the application topics will be locked.


Banning is when a member's access is cut off from the board. They cannot view, post, reply, anything at the forum. Each case is unique, and the Administration will handle each issue as it arises.

You will become banned if you break any of the posting rules disciplinary action may be necessary. You may be warned, suspended, or banned depending on the severity of your misconduct. We do not like to ban people, but if a member is creating a negative envrionment for the rest of the forum, we will have no choice. So, please just follow the rules and you will be fine.

When you breack any of these Rules, the following actions can and will be taken:

- 1st Warning % (informal/via PM)

- 2nd Warning % (formal in public)

- Suspension & Warning % (When out of warnings, your username will be supsended)

- Ban (You failed to take the warnings and correct the problem, so you left the Staff with no other choice)

Warning Percentages, rough guide:
Hijacking a thread with your nonsense--- 10% per offense

Spam--- 20% 1st offense
Spam--- 50% 2nd offense
Spam--- 100% 3rd offense along with a weeks suspension from posting
Spam Repeat offenses after the suspension will lead to Banning

Pornography & XXX Links--- 100% Bannable offense

Cursing--- 10% 1st offense
Cursing--- 20% 2nd offense
Cursing--- 50% 3rd offense with a weeks suspension from posting
Cursing--- 100% 4th offense with permenant ban

Flaming--- 20% 1st offense
Flaming--- 60% 2nd offense with a weeks suspension from posting
Flaming--- 100% 3rd offense with a permenant Ban

Signatures--- 20% 1st offense
Signatures--- 60% 2nd offense
Signatures--- 100% 3rd offense with permenant Ban

Double Posting--- 10% 1st offense
Double Posting--- 20% 2nd offense
Double Posting--- 60% 3rd offense with a weeks suspension from posting
Double Posting--- 100% Last offense results in a permenant ban

Messages posted on the board

Before you post :
A search should be done to see if your Topic or
Question has not been already posted. Duplicate posted will be locked
or deleted.

Help Topic titles :
When you post your question or
your problem, you must use a title related to your problem/question.
Words such as "Urgent", "SOS", "Question", "Problem", "Hurry" are not
tolerated. Capitals should also be avoided

Description of you problem/question :

When you ask a question, try to be clear and
accurate about what you want to say. Don't hesitate to describe your
problem. The more info you give, the better we can answer you.

Language on this forum :

English~ When you write in English deliberate
mistakes must be avoided. Non-English people, as well as English
people, must be able to understand what you write, so put a minimum of
care in your English, even if your English is not very good .

Colors and capitals :
When you write your message, please don't abuse capitals (it means that you shout) or colors.
Some colors are reserved for moderation and light colors are hard to read for visually impaired people.

Flood and off-topic :
Flooding the forum must be avoided. As well as going off topic.
You must also avoid to post the same topic twice, it will not be faster for you to get a response.
If you make a mistake, please use the button at the top-right of your post, to avoid double-posting

Types of posting ways to avoid

Power-posting is when board members post 'empty' messages to the board, in order to simply increase their number of posts more quickly. Examples of power-posting are replying to a message with only 'LOL' or 'I agree', but failing to contribute anything further to the discussion. If you reply to a message, make sure you have something to say. Power posting clutters up the forums, clutters up the 'new posts' function, and uses extra bandwidth and server space. While we don't mind people using bandwidth to chat usefully on the board, we do mind people using it just because they want a more impressive 'post counter'. If you're not sure if you're power-posting, take a moment and think it over before you post. If all your post contains is a 'LOL' or an emoticon, it's a power-post. If it adds something to the discussion, it isn't.

Cross-posting is when you post the same question to multiple forums (for example, posting in both Photoshop and Askfor help). This is not permitted. Any cross-posted topic will be immediately locked with a message suggesting that replies be directed to the original topic.

Try to place your posts in the correct forum for the topic. Our forums have been carefully categorized so that most topics fit in one logical location. Any post that is deemed by the staff to be in the wrong forum will be moved to the correct location without warning. Most users can find these on your own but if you lose your thread, it is acceptable to contact one of the forum advisers asking where it has been moved.

Thread hijacking is the process of replying to an existing thread with a different topic. This is tolerated but discouraged. It is better to start a new thread if you have a problem that is related to an existing posted issue but clearly different. On the other hand, it is better to respond to the existing thread with additional information if you have what appears to be the same problem.

Posts that hijack a serious thread with off-topic discussion are strongly discouraged and will often be deleted or edited by forum staff.
Behavior on the forum

Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content -
Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content
must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people
may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with
another member, please use PMs for that, this board is not an arena!

Be patient -
Please, be patient. It's useless to up your topic every 2 minutes (see
the point "Flood and Off-topic"). Every member of this forum has a
private life besides The Realm , so they can't always respond

Respect the moderators and administrators -
They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human, not machines!

Don't argue with the mods -
You might get banned. Members are encouraged to seek an understanding with the moderator in
question through the use of private messages. If that doesn’t work to a member’s satisfaction, please feel free to contact another mod to
approach the first mod on your behalf. If none of these options return
satisfactory results, please contact the administration with your

Bullying other members -
We do not tolerate bullying,
this includes name calling or threatening other forum members.

Inappropriate names -
Do not make inappropriate names that avoid the filter.

Don't swear -
A forum filter has been put in place, but not every foul word has been
filtered. The filter substitutes each letter of the swear word with
*'s. Do not avoid this filter, this includes using abbreviation's,
shortened words or posting images which contain swearing.

Do not post dangerous URLs -
These include links which go to websites
which involve information about hacking, scamming or other illegal
activities. Not only is it illegal, but many of these sites contain
spyware which can be dangerous to yourself or other members of the

Do not encourage other to break rules.

Do not post obscene imagery -
Posting or linking to images, videos or
websites which contain obscene images is not allowed. If you are
posting a link to a site which contains swearing, you must say so in
your post.
Members will be warned the first time they break the forum rules by PM. If a second infraction occurs, it will result in a announcement of what you did in public. If a third incident arises, that member will be sent yet another PM. If the four incident comes, you will be sent an Email message to your email and banned.

- If the moderation team deems that a single infraction is worthy, the
first two steps will be skipped and that member will be removed

Avatar and Profile

Avatar dimensions :
Your avatar's width must not exceed 150 pixels and its height must not exceed 200 pîxels. These limits are here to avoid scrolling for people who have a low screen resolution. You must also respect the limit of weight which is fixed to 300 KB. There are still people who have a low-speed connection, and heavy pictures take time to
load for them.

Your avatar is not an advertising banner:
So avatars with your forum URL must be avoided.

Possible Sanctions

If you advertise by PM...
You may see your PM mailbox disabled for a determined period

If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed...
The Administrator may forbid you from
displaying an Avatar.

Advertising for money-related stuff, Spamming the forum, Spam Bots =
Immediate ban

Ignoring the moderators' warnings and continuing to not respect the
rules, insulting people and trolling may result to a simple ban from
this forum, according to the gravity of the member's fault.

Excessive Flaming / Insults

Permanent Ban from The Forum completely.

~ Please Report All Inappropriate Posts of this nature to a Moderator
or Administrator Immediately! And we will rectify the situation.

Yours Trully,
Forum Founder
WinxClub! Forum
- Keep moving forward!!


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Re: WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

Post by spellukie on Wed May 19, 2010 5:22 pm

Thanks for telling all this Amanda..these rules are must for every forum and must be followed by everyone too.

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Board Moderator

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Re: WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

Post by IsabelLim105 on Wed May 19, 2010 10:33 pm

Everyone must follow it because I have already typed these 3-4 times! First time, when I first started the Forum, second time (the first was deleted by a fake djpurvi, not the current one) and third time.. yea this one

Yours Trully,
Forum Founder
WinxClub! Forum
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Re: WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

Post by IsabelLim105 on Thu May 20, 2010 5:31 pm

mileys wrote:whats your age amy ?
Sorry but this is asking personal information!! Against the rules and also, this is the Rules topic. Not for chatting!

Yours Trully,
Forum Founder
WinxClub! Forum
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Re: WinxClub Forum's Official Rules

Post by Sponsored content

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